Stand up !

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stand up

Staying sit at a desk all day long hurts indeed. It’s what comes from a recent study from the Chester University in UK .  Over-weight is a direct consequence of the long days (and nights) spent in front of a laptop’s display. The solution is straight and direct:

stand up !

According to the research, just standing up for three hours a day,  makes you burn 150 kcalories. Human being is not designed to stay on a chair. That’s why the very direct suggestion is to spend sometimes working standing up. You think is crazy? Google, Intel and Apple don’t think so: they just ordered massive quantities of high desk, to let employee work standing up. Not to mention meetings: the above companies spend more of their time during meetings standing up or even walking !

The real issue here is that 2 hours gym a day doesn’t represent any remedy at all. It may solve the aestethic problem (going to gym lets you lose some weight), but doesn’t fix the metabolsm iseue: when sit, our body cannot produce the ensymes necessary to the correct transformation of the bad cholesterol into the good one.

The solution: just spend 2 minutes walking every 20 minutes spent sit at a desk.

1.   Get a higher desk where you can work standing up

2.   Spend yuor time during the meetings, standing up.

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