Who fails, wins

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Who fails is not punished, he’s even rewarded. It’s what is happening in some (inspired) companies all over the world, where the concept of being punished when failing has been substituted by the concept of being rewarded for the risk taken. Every time we take an action, in fact, we take a risk. Managers admit that it’s far better promoting a culture where a mistake is revealed, as it causes less damage than keeping it secret. In the traditional and old companies, the practice is to stick to the policies and punishing who mistakes. Nowadays the most advanced companies understood how limited is this approach and started to create a “culture of experiment”. Some managers understood the power of such attitude and encourage the risk takers, in other words they work to strengthen the entrepreneurial approach inside the company.

It’s past the time when the mistake was considered the opportunity to show the power of punishment. Unfortunately this era is past not for everyone. Many are the companies where such a culture of experiment (where the mistakes are tools to improve) is banned, considered dangerous and destabilizing: those companies are those ones that are not under the competitive pressure, that are not “obliged to innovate”; those companies are destined to disappear soon.

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