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It’s better to set aside all those books that tell us about economics, business management, budgets, numbers, equations, implications, etc., etc., etc.: of course, the theory is useful, but the theory is nothing more than the practice of putting others in a box. And then, before looking in the others’ boxes, let’s look in ours. Let’s learn from our practice and from others’ practice, and no matter that they have been successful. Those who have been successful, we know, were qualified entrepreneurs able to withstand the competition. In the eighties, two researchers at Stanford University – Michael Ray and Rochelle Myers – assuming that, we have to find a way to make creativity useful in the business, they focused on management, and designed a course about the impact of creativity in the business world. Throughout the different editions of the Master in Business Administration, relied on the testimony of numerous successful entrepreneurs from various fields, and in 1986 published a do’s and don’ts list about managerial creativity:

  1. Business is art. We need to find logics, order and coheence among elements starting from Chaos. 
  2. We must not stop at the first try , rather insisting and trusting in our creative resources. 
  3. We must destroy the critics,  because they limit creativity and curiosity. 
  4. We must pay attention to,  learn to perceive and to listen. 
  5. We must ask crazy questions, so that we let new problems emerge.  
  6. We must do only things we like, effortless, without wasting energy in tasks we perceive tough, boring and depressing. 
  7. We must eliminate any stress source, and dedicate ourselves to job, family and ourselves. 
  8. We must take decisions, evaluating pro and cons and choosing the best path. 
  9. We must be ourselves,  believing in our skills and facing all the challenges. 
  10. We must live in the world without being swallowed by it.

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