The best comes from a gap

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Just stop for a while and think. Just stop for a while and think of the best successful companies in the world. How come most of them were born from a strong feeling of a gap? It could be a gap in a social unfulfilled need, or it could be a gap in a personal need , or even a gap in a relationship. Everything comes from a strong feeling to fill a gap.  Facebook was born from a strong feeling to communicate, Apple from a strong need to see beauty in the world, Airbnb from a personal need to find a cheap place to sleep the same night of a concert not to be missed. Everything comes from a gap. So, the message behind is: if you feel bad because you experience a gap in your life, well, there’s no reason to desperate. On the contrary, Success may be very close !

GAP is not BAD: it can lead to a SUCCESS !

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  • You are perfectly right! Very Inspiring. Thanks

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